Executive Vice President

Business Development, Public Affairs & Policy

Internet Payment Provider

NASDAQ: PPLY, acquired by eBay Inc.

Vice President

Business & Corporate Development

World’s Largest Professional Network


Chief Operating Officer

Social Gaming

Acquired by Google Inc.

Chief Operating Officer

Accept Credit Cards Anywhere


Venture Assistance, Strategic Advice, Venture Capital

Executive Experience

Board of Directors


The Definitive Guide to Your Local Community


A Global Online Money Transfer Provider

Select Investments

Khosla Ventures

World Leader in Travel Rentals

Anti-Gravity Treadmills®

Discover Fine Art

Beauty Tips, Hairstyles, Makeup Tutorials and Reviews

Genetic Testing as the First Step to a Healthy Pregnancy

On-Demand Ridesharing

Know Your Factories, Know Your Costs. Always Ask Why.

Online Event Registration - Sell Tickets Online

Investment Advice and Flat-Fee Financial Management

Broadcast Yourself

The Most Advanced Analytics Platform in the World for Mobile and Web


Private Messaging and Sharing with Friends and Family

Build Mobile Apps. No Programming. Just Drag and Drop.

Your Best Source for Knowledge

Empowering Global Customers to Make Informed, Data-Driven Decisions

Discover and Share Local Activities

Add Live, Face-to-Face Communication to Your Web, iOS or Android App

Online Course - Anytime, Anywhere

Build Awareness, Fundraise, and Advocate for Change

Web Creation Made Easy

Get Amazing Offers on Products You Love

The Enterprise Social Network

Mapping the Legal Genome to Help You Better Understand the Law

Answers from Thousands of Trusted Physicians. Anytime, Anywhere.

The Free and Easy Way to Manage Your Lab

Integrates, Visualizes and Analyzes the World’s Information


Keith Rabois

Entrepreneur, Executive, Investor